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Phosphoric Acid

Phosphoric Acid Food Grade
MakeImported - Vietnam Food Grade
Packing Size35 kg carbuoys

Product Description

Phosphoric acid is also used to make synthetic detergents and treatment of water and metals. It is also used to remove mineral deposits, cement smears, and hard water stains in construction industry. It is used as a bleaching agent in many industries and Phosphoric acid is used as an electrolyte in fuel cells or in oxyhydrogen generators.

Anionic Polycarylamide
Free flowing Mudfloc® Powder
Phosphoric Acid 85%
Phosphoric Acid
Settle mud
Mudfloc® Application in Clarifier

Eco-Friendly • Non-Toxic

Non-toxic and eco friendly product ensures food-grade application to provide most sustainable results.

Temperature & pH stable

Works on a wide variety of temperatures and pH providing optimum results of flocculation as desired.

Cost effective & Low dosage

Exceptional rate of sedimentation compared to phosphoric acid, sulphur and lime that are used traditionally.