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Anionic Polycarylamide


Viscopol® range of viscosity control agents consists of viscosity reducers and rheology modifiers for various industries. They consist of polymer-based and oil based tailor-made formulations depending on the application sector.


Saniquat® range of biocides consist of twin chain Quaternary  Ammonium Compounds that are widely used as mill sanitation biocides.
Sugar Chemicals
non oxidising biocides


Sanimate® range of high performance non-oxidising biocides are used to control microbiological activity in a wide range of commercial cleaning, disinfection, environmental hygiene, industrial and process water treatment activities. They […]


Dissolvo® range of acidic cleaners is a proprietary blend of highly stable and effective scale dissolvers that cut down the heavy and thick scale formed inside industrial boilers and evaporators.
Food Ingredients

GoldenGate® Enzymes

Golden Gate® range of hydrolytic enzymes are used as aids to alcohol and sugar production and refining by removing materials which inhibit crystallisation or cause high viscosity. In some parts […]
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