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Water Treatment

Poly Aluminum Chloride

Poly Aluminum Chloride comes in both powder and liquid form. It is widely used as a coagulant in many industries. We ensure a minimum of 28% purity of Al in Powder (PAC30) and minimum 17% purity of  Al in Liquid (PAC18). Also available as 9% Liquid also (PAC10).
Poly Aluminum Chloride


Dissolvo® range of acidic cleaners is a proprietary blend of highly stable and effective scale dissolvers that cut down the heavy and thick scale formed inside industrial boilers and evaporators.


Excelevap® range of antiscalants and scale control agents are polymer blends of inhibitors that prevent the deposit of scales in industrial boilers and evaporators by keeping the scale-forming salts in dispersion and suspension hence preventing scale formation.


Mudfloc® range of high molecular weight anionic polyelectrolytes are used for rapid flocculation and sedimentation of suspended particles in sugar cane juice, water treatment clarifiers, etc. It increases the settling rate of the microfloc particles such as slow settling mud, with reduced amount of viscosity as well as improves the efficiency of separation of the […]


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Foamex® range of anti-foams are concentrated form extremely effective foam suppressor for aqueous and non-aqueous systems. It is 100% active silicone polymer. No emulsifiers are present. Antifoam Concentrate is typically effective at 1-100 ppm.
Defoaming Agent
Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals


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Aquatreat® range of Water Treatment Chemicals offer complete end to end solutions for water and wastewater treatment. They find their usage in applications like Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP), Water Boilers, Cooling Water Systems, Cooling Towers & Closed Systems, Wastewater Treatment, Reverse Osmosis Systems, Underground Reservoir Systems, Drinking Water Treatment, Process Water, HVAC Plants, DM Plants.